Metabolism refers to the chemical reactions that take place in the body to keep your organs functioning and alive. It affects body weight.

Your body burns more calories when your metabolism is higher, hence weight loss. When you’re inactive, your metabolism is low.

Metabolic rate is dependent on several factors, including genetic composition. Whereas some people naturally have high metabolic rates, others don’t.


If you’re not favored genetically, you need to engage in physical activities to boost your metabolism and achieve weight loss.

Living a sedentary or inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits can easily impair your metabolism. Here’re are seven physical activities that can boost your metabolism for better weight loss:

  • Do house chores
  • Gardening
  • Stand while working
  • Engage in exercises
  • Go for jogging in the morning
  • Consume more proteins
  • Keep your body hydrated

7 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

1) Household chores

Doing house chores makes you active. If the chores require you to lift heavy things like moving furniture, the better. He heavier the house chore, the better for you.

Lifting heavy things is healthier. Fats are metabolically lesser than muscles. When you do heavy house chores, you’re more likely to build muscles around your body.

Muscles are better in being metabolically active. They help you to burn more calories, even when you are doing nothing. When you lose weight, your metabolism tends to drop.

Heavy tasks help your body to retain its muscles. Therefore, you will have the chance to fix a drop in metabolism.

2) Gardening

Woman picking the lettuce from her garden

Gardening is another useful activity. Not only does it help to bring you some vegetables and a nice environment, but it also acts as a physical activity.

Gardening can be a form of exercise that helps build muscles. Your body replaces the excess fats with muscles.

Muscles are healthier; they’re metabolically active.

Muscle build-ups help to burn excess calories. Muscles are often retained during weight loss. Therefore, your likelihood of experiencing a metabolic drop during weight loss is combated.

3) Stand while working

It has been proven that sitting all the time is harmful to your health. Prolonged sitting can make you gain weight. It results in burning lesser calories in your body.

Standing up helps to burn more calories compared to sitting for prolonged hours in the office. If your daily duties involve sitting for long hours, take short breaks in between. Use the breaks to stand up and do slight exercises like stretches.

Alternatively, get a standing desk to work while on your feet. Simply standing up for longer every day is a good metabolism booster.

4) Engage in exercises

sport, fitness and healthy lifestyle concept – man with tablet computer doing running plank exercise at home

Exercise is the best way you can speed up your metabolism. The more physically active you become, the more calories you burn. Exercises vary and come in three main categories.

Some exercises to increase your metabolism include:

  • Training to increase your strengthstrength training helps to increase muscles in the body. Muscles are better at burning calories compared to fats. Focus mainly on your major muscles. Do a lot of training in these areas.

The major muscles include:

  • Shoulders
  • Your back
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Hips
  • Arms.

High-intensity exercise bouts and weight lifting are meant for muscle building and strengthening. You don’t need gym membership to work out your muscles. You can easily lift things around your house, garage or workshop.

For instance, table saw fences are designed for maximum rip on your workbench. When not in use, you can use it for weight lifting to build your arm and shoulder muscles.

Built for Vibration-Free Performance, the tool supports stabilized working. You can also weight lift the tool while setting it up for use or after use.

  • Aerobics – if you’re looking forward to burning your calories faster, engage in aerobic activities. Take part in aerobic activities for at least two hours every week. The activities include:

You can also consider exercising daily, with a day or two-days break every week. The daily exercises should be shorter if they are to be done daily. You can do you aerobics for about 30 minutes daily.

If your aim is to lose weight, you’re going to need to be more active in your exercise. You’ll have to go for extra hours every week.

  • Exercises involving a lot of activity – these can include weight lifting, playing around with kids, walking, using stairs and many more of your preference. Being active is a good way of burning calories and increasing your metabolic rates.

5) Go for jogging in the morning and eat healthy breakfast

Waking up earlier is a secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you wake up, go jogging before having your breakfast. You’ll boost your metabolism for weight loss.

You can also couple your morning jogs with some exercises. This boosts the rate of your metabolism in a surprising way.

Don’t forget that breakfast is an essential meal. Eat enough, healthy breakfast to improve your metabolism.

Although the last two aren’t physical activities, they’re critical to weight loss even as you work on boosting your metabolic rate.

6) Consume more proteins

The thermic effect of food acts triggers your metabolism to increase for a short time after you have eaten food. This is an effect of the calories required in your digestive system during eating.

Protein digestion and absorption need the highest rise in the thermic effect. This causes it to increase your metabolism by about 15% to 30%.

The rate of metabolism increases more when you consume proteins, compared to other nutrients. Eating proteins also controls your weight gain.

When you consume proteins, you feel fuller. Therefore, you lose the urge to overeat. Protein consumption minimizes muscles losses in the body, explaining the reduction in metabolism drop linked to fat loss.

Muscle loss is an effect of dieting.

7) Keep your body hydrated

Your body needs enough water to work properly. Water can help you lose excess weight.

Drinking water makes you feel full faster, eliminating the need to overeat. It also helps achieve optimal metabolism.


Your lifestyle affects your health. Apart from your genetic composition, you’re in charge of your metabolism and weight control. Integrate the tips above and others into your life to benefit from weight loss and healthy living.

Your metabolism will rise as you want it to. High metabolism results in more energy production, weight loss and gaining perfect body shape like that of models.