About Us

I first awakened to the importance of taking care of myself when I started my journey as a model. My initial interest in health and wellbeing began with an dogmatic paleo diet and constant, high-intensity workouts, but, after reaching the verge of what is now known as orthorexia, my practices have evolved into more wholesome, well-rounded and holistic ones.

I’ve discovered, and still am discovering, ways to thrive through not only diet but also movement, meditation + mental health, breath work, energy work, natural beauty + self-care, and spiritual exploration. For me, living and being well is not an end point and is not a state of perfection that you can work towards or every fully reach. It is a journey, not a fixed state, and reaching a place that feels well to you is matter of balancing many ever-changing variables in your life, using practices and provisions that are truly purposeful and functional. It is about self-responsibility, self-education, self-discovery, self-development and constant self-betterment through getting to know yourself and the things that really get you going.