It takes lots of work to get your sexy back.


It’s achievable!

Better posture can give you a straighter, longer, and more toned back instantly. Engage in regular exercises and improve the appearance of your back.

Exercises tone and strengthen shoulders, chest, and back muscles. Proper care of the skin on your back makes it healthy and glowing.

Here’re four ways you can get your sexy back naturally.

Top 4 Methods to Bring Your Sexy Back Naturally

  1. Enhance your body posture

Test your posture to determine if it’s good or not.

Research and lab-heavy jobs, computer work, and inactive lifestyles can weaken your chest, back, and arm muscles. With the weakened muscles, you’re forced to slouch.

With prolonged slouching, you look tired, saggy, and heavier than you actually are. However, a better posture pulls in your stomach to make you look slimmer and taller. It instantly improves your back appearance.


Stop slouching.

Do shoulder squeezes to help you stop slouching.

What does a good standing posture look like? Follow a good standing posture checklist to determine if yours is healthy or needs improvement.

Do the same for a good seated posture. Follow a checklist for good sitting posture to ascertain if yours is healthy or not.

Set up your work environment to support good posture. Set up your desk, screen, and chairs to support good posture.

Take regular breaks in between your jobs and fix your posture while working. Repeat the latter at least 10 times to improve your posture.

Do wall exercises to correct your poor posture. Engage in Pilates and yoga several times a week to strengthen your core and improve your posture.

  1. Build and tone your muscles

Engage in the chest, back, and shoulder exercises at least thrice a week to build and strengthen those muscles.

You’ll require a workout mat, dumbbells and running shoes for the exercises.

Do the popular yoga cobra pose to stretch your shoulders, chest, and lower and upper back muscles. Yoga also strengthens the muscles.

Use shoulder shrugs (uses dumbbells) to tone your upper back muscles. Do at least two sets of 10 repetitions.

Build and tone your arms, back, and abs muscles using kneeling reverse flies. Do at least two sets of 15 repetitions on every side.

Work your lower and upper back muscles, including your core and legs using the bird dog exercise. Do 5 to 10 reps on each side.

Don’t forget to do planks, pushups, and sit-ups to strengthen and tone your back, build your core, and enhance your posture.

Swimming can also build, strengthen and tone your muscles for better posture.

Engage in at least five of these exercises thrice a week with breaks in between to give your muscles enough time to repair and heal.

Increase the weights and reps of each exercise if you want more challenge.

  1. Play air hockey to improve your fitness levels

Whether you’re into sports or not, air hockey can help you keep fit during your free time. You can play the game with a friend from the comfort of your home or in a sports club.

If you’re motivated by air hockey sports enthusiasts, you’ll find the game handy in cutting excess calories to keep fit. What’s more, you can buy the best air hockey table to use at home.

  1. Work on your skin to bring your sexy back

Exercise regularly and get enough sleep to reduce stress. Target 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night or about 10 hours for teens and younger kids.

Eat a balanced diet to reduce your risk of acne breakouts. Avoid processed carbohydrates and eat healthy carbs in moderation.

Eat whole and cultured milk products with probiotics and generally minimize your dairy intake. Avoid ice cream and cheese.

Eat foods such as flax seeds, spinach, walnuts, salmon, and other omega-3 fatty acids foods. Include fruits and vegetables in each meal because they’re rich in zinc, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A, and selenium, among other nutrients.

The natural nutrients can also help fight acne. Take more natural foods rich in nutrients and vitamins instead of supplements, which can be harmful.

Drink lots of water daily to stay hydrated. For instance, if you’re 150 pounds, you can drink 75 ounces of water daily. However, you may have to drink more if you either live an active lifestyle or live in a hot climate.

Water flushes out toxins responsible for skin breakouts and keeps your blood circulating. Keep your body clean from oil and sweat, and get skin treatment to improve your skin. Expose your skin to the healthy sun in the morning hours for vitamin D. However, if your skin condition is critical, you can seek medical care.