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A food, travel and lifestyle blog focused around nourishing, natural, wholesome ingredients and the endless things that you can do with them. We value ultimate well being over what the world perceives as ‘health and fitness’. It is about discovering the power of natural ingredients and just how much our bodies need and adore them. My recipes are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, grains, refined sugar and any processed ingredients. My philosophy is about using more delicious, nutrient-rich substitutes to create nutritious versions of the foods you love. My recipes are centered around the local, the seasonal, the nourishing and the leftover.

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Know yourself and the things that really get you going.

Healthy diet

The killer model bodies you see as cover models in fashion magazines are a result of partly food intake and partly genetics. Most of them are blessed with killer heights and shapes. It doesn’t mean no one can be a model without this genetic body.


A healthy diet aids in promoting proper physical health. Conversely, meditation upholds the emotional well being of a model. It is an activity that involves directing your thought and feelings with the aim of a focussed reflection.

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

Living and being well is not an end point and is not a state of perfection that you can work towards or every fully reach. It is a journey, not a fixed state, and reaching a place that feels well to you is matter of balancing many ever-changing variables in your life, using practices and provisions that are truly purposeful and functional. It is about self-responsibility, self-education, self-discovery, self-development and constant self-betterment through getting to know yourself and the things that really get you going.


Our initial interest in health and wellbeing began with an dogmatic paleo diet and constant, high-intensity workouts, but, after reaching the verge of what is now known as orthorexia, my practices have evolved into more wholesome, well-rounded and holistic ones. I’ve discovered, and still am discovering, ways to thrive through not only diet but also movement, meditation + mental health, breath work, energy work, natural beauty + self-care, and spiritual exploration.

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Endless Health and Beauty Tips

Sleep Therapy

Model Mange Tout health and wellbeingSleep Therapy I use aromatherapy and light management to create a suitable space for my body and mind to calm down in. Things like candles (try the new range of candles now available as part of our Qnola offering), incense, low...

Why do so Many of us Fail?

Model Mange Tout health and wellbeingImportance of Sleeping In Arrianna Huffington’s book ‘A Sleep Revolution’ (which, by the way, you should read immediately) she shines light on the fact (because no one else will) that we are in the midst of a sleep...

Sweet Recipe It doesn’t get much higher vibe than this lemme tell ya. If you’re looking for the ultimate hot chocolate recipe, I am telling you really truly honestly no bs, there's a good chance this is it. When I was growing up, I...

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